Dusty Computers


Hourly labor Charge                                                                                                -$30.00
 (applies to all services except, Virus Removal & Computer Training )                                        Software Install/Upgrade                                                                                         -$14.00
Hardware Install Upgrade                                                                                        -$14.00
Data Backup/Recovery                                                                                            -$35.00
Virus/Spyware Scan & Removal                                                                               -$52.50
Consultation                                                                                                           -$35.00
Optimization/Tune-Up                                                                                            -$14.00
1 hr Basic Computer Training                                                                                 -$52.47
Internal Cleaning (Desktops Only, applies when case opened)                                           -$15.00

*Some limitations may apply.
*Prices subject to change
*Hardware donations also accepted.

**All Prices subject to change without notice.